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May 20, 2019

Support for Google Team Drive and other improvements.

Here’s a peek at what we’ve shipped in the last few weeks:

  • 🗃  Team Drive Support. A few people have asked about adding team drive support to our Google Drive integration. Good news: We’ve added it! Team Drives is now a menu item option when you open the Google Drive attachment dialog.
  • 🎨 Added Zoom Icon When Hovering Over File Thumbnails. Sometimes it’s the little things. You’ll now find it much clearer when hovering over an attachment thumbnail that clicking on it takes you to a full-size view.
  • ⚡️ Zapier Integration. We’re preparing to launch this publicly, but would still love a few more beta testers. If you’ve ever wanted to connect your favourite tools like Google Sheets, Github, and Wufoo (and many more!) to Flow, this could be a great fit for you. [Get started with our private beta](https://zapier.com/developer/public-invite/16929/81a74105e2fdeb74ba1ec6c0632777e2/) – all you need is a Zapier account to try it out.
  • 🐛 17 Bug Fixes. We like to find and fix bugs before anyone even notices they exist. But sometimes you notice them first and share them with us. We appreciate this so much! Thank you to everyone who has written in about a bug they’ve found ​🙌​. Here’s a few issues we fixed just for you:
      • Editing a comment failing to save. In certain rare circumstances, an edited comment would not save correctly and an error would show.
      • Line break disappearing in notes. One astute user noticed that if you type in “--------” on a line by itself in a task or project note, it is converted to a styled divider on save. However, when you go to edit the note, the divider had completely disappeared! We’ve fixed our rich text editor so that the divider will stay in place when you go to edit a note, and we have plans to make the divider insertion functionality a button our users can quickly click for easier note formatting.
      • Dropping unscheduled tasks onto calendar view. Dragging and dropping unscheduled tasks onto a user’s timeline calendar wasn’t working correctly. 😳 We have fixed this now, and drag and drop should be fully functional.
  • 📢 Do you have something you’d love to see changed or added to Flow? Email feedback@getflow.com any time to share your thoughts, with our entire team.
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