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September 22, 2020

Changelog (September 21, 2020)

We spent this week focused on completing launch plans and getting Flow X out to everyone. It feels great to finally share Flow X with all of you and we look forward to your continued feedback. As we spent the bulk of this week in launch mode we didn’t ship as much as we have in past weeks but we still have some new features and fixes to update you on.


  • Tasks: You can now make an existing task a subtask from the ••• menu in the task card. This has replaced the old method of dragging a task into another to make it a subtask in order to simplify the process and clarify the UI.
  • Subtasks: We’ve also updated the subtask card ••• menu to include the option to convert a subtask to a task. This will keep the details of the subtask intact (like tags and deadlines) and promote the subtask to a standard task.


  • Corrected behaviour for multiple numbered lists in messages, comments, and notes
  • Improved display in Safari
  • Added additional backend support for importing
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September 15, 2020

Changelog (Version 0.9.93)

Today, we're excited to share a big announcement! After 6 months and over 24 releases while Flow X has been in Beta, we're ready to share to share Flow X with the world. This Wednesday (September 16th), Flow X will become the default version of the app.

But don't worry, we won't disrupt your workflow. If you'd rather continue using the old version of the app, you're more than welcome to through the end of the year. We want to make it easy to transition at your own pace — we know there's been plenty of change already in 2020.

To learn more about the launch and our journey building Flow X, read through:

Helpful FAQs for current customers →

Official blog post announcement →

We’re so grateful to all of our customers who have used the Flow X Beta and shared their feedback with us. Over the last 6 months we've shipped dozens of changes and improvements thanks to your input. We couldn’t have done this without you!

If we can help you transition to Flow X, or answer any other questions around the launch, please reach out to us at help@getflow.com. We're always here to help.


  • Importing: In Flow X you can now import tasks in CSV files into existing projects! This will streamline the set up process for new users as well as help teams working across multiple tools to stay on track. Get started by opening the “...” menu in the project header and choosing the now enabled “Import Tasks” option.
  • Chat Menus: We’ve updated chat menus in private DMs, group DMs, and chat channels to include new options like archiving chat channels as well as improving layouts and updates to labels for better clarity.
  • Tags: There is now a section for tags directly in the Tasks sidebar. This way you can favourite tags you search for often and jump to this view right from the sidebar. Tag views can also be filtered by assignee to further narrow down task lists.


  • Alignment in section dropdown in task panes fixed to be formatted correctly.
  • Improved copy and labelling throughout app in for clearer UI
  • Project details for private projects updated to include the option to remove members
  • Project menu simplified and updated to show new features.
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September 01, 2020

Changelog (Version 0.9.91)

This week we focused on fixes suggested by beta users. We love hearing from you-even about bugs! Keep those suggestions coming to our Feature Request board and Bug Reports board as we’re always looking for ways to improve.


  • Task List Menu: The “...” is now available on individual tasks, making it much easier to initiate common actions without having to open the individual task pane. Keep an eye out for updates to this menu as we continue to improve and enable options there.
  • View Chooser: In the Team Projects dashboard, we have enabled the calendar view button in the header. This means that you can now switch between kanban view, list view, and calendar view all from the same place.


  • Project titles have been updated to be properly formatted when project titles are too long to display in full.
  • The UI for drag and drop has been updated to be more seamless when reordering tasks within sections, moving tasks between sections, and rearranging project sections when sorting manually.
  • Rename option corrected in project header “...” menu
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August 25, 2020

Changelog (Version 0.9.90)

Task lists were the major update this week. On top of a new, more contained look, we added tags to the Show menu for easy access and we also improved visual hierarchy between subtasks and parent tasks. Most of this update was prompted by feedback from beta users and we so appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts so if you ever have a suggestion drop by our Feature Request board and let us know!


  • List View: This week we’ve introduced an all-new style for task lists through the app. Tasks are now individually contained with subtasks nested under their parent task in views that either already support manual drag-and-drop reordering, like projects, or will support this in the near future.
  • Projects: In addition to the refresh of task lists within projects, we've also introduced new project headers that make it easier to trigger the project details pane, share projects with teammates, and navigate between the kanban board, task list, and calendar views. This new project header also includes a new filtering system making it easier to filter by either assignee or tag. 
  • Tags: We've added a new toggle in the Show menu in the Tasks tab to display tag names, making it easier to view tags when you’re looking for more detail and hide them when you want a more streamlined view.


  • Improved the appearance of calendars throughout the app and removed the whitespace added to the top of all calendar views.
  • Simplified the style of the Sort menu throughout the app for a more compact and easily navigable view.
  • Upgraded the icons that we're using for most of our in-app notifications so that they're now cleaner and more consistent.
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August 18, 2020

Changelog (Version 0.9.89)

We focused on adding details and clarification this week. From the new details panes in Chat to the information provided in the new rich previews, we’ve added several opportunities across the app to maximize key information provided at a glance.


  • Chat: Details panes have been added to chat channels as well as group DMs to provide an overview of information about the chat you’re viewing. You can access the new details panes from the now enabled “Details” button in the Chat header.
  • Project Sharing: We’ve implemented the option to share a project from the “...” menu on the project cards in the Team Projects Dashboard. This new share form will give you the option to share a project with new users via email and choose their role within the organization or simply copy a shareable link once that option has been enabled in your Organization Settings.
  • Invite and Share: The new invite and share forms are more intuitive, informative, and expansive with an improved UI, more data available, and more sharing options surfaced in a single form.
  • Rich Previews: We’ve introduced new and improved previews for uploaded attachments and external links in Chat and task comments. These rich previews will include the page title, description, and an image preview of the shared item, providing important details at a glance. These previews will also unify chat and comment attachments under a more orderly display.
  • Text: Icons: New icons have been released in Flow X to accompany attachments with no image so that there is still an indication of the file type.


  • Tags view in search results has been formatted for optimal readability.
  • +task button in the top right corner has been updated with better contrast and a clearer dropdown menu.
  • Rich Text has been updated in Chat, notes, and comments to improve clarity and readability throughout Flow X.
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August 11, 2020

Changelog (Version 0.9.88)

This week we looked at communication in Chat and task comments as well as added new functionality to the “...” in projects and the Teams Projects Dashboard. We also made some fixes to unify appearance throughout the app and improve UI.


  • Avatars: Now when a comment is liked the avatars of the users that have liked it will show beside the like icon.
  • Project details: You can now rename projects from the project details pane right from the “...” menu.
  • Team Projects Dashboard: We’ve enabled the option to archive and duplicate a project from the "..." menu on the project card in the Team Projects Dashboard so that you don’t have to be in an individual project to perform these actions.
  • Chat: We’ve made updates to the chat message form so that you can now view the status of users in your direct messages to give you another way to see when your teammates are available.
  • Typing indicators: In chat and task comments there is now an indicator to show you when a teammate is typing to help improve communication in quick back and forth conversations.
  • Message Text: We’ve added the option to copy message text to the “...” menu in both Chat and task comment messages.


  • Team Projects Dashboard appearance has been updated to match new background colors across the app.
  • Message and chat headings updated.
  • Fixed the scale of project icons in the Team Projects Dashboard list view.
  • Improved formatting for date picker to display as intended regardless of zoom level
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