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September 08, 2020

Changelog (Version 0.9.92)

This week we focused on adding embellishments to create a more unified experience throughout the app. We also further developed existing features to expand their capabilities into something more robust.


  • Task Item Menu: we’ve enabled new options in the task item menu including the option to bookmark, follow, and duplicate a task. For subtasks we’ve also built the option to “convert to task”giving you an easier, cleaner way to promote a subtask to a standard task.
  • Log In and Sign Up Page: We’ve shipped a new look for the Log in and Sign up page to refresh this page and match Flow X aesthetics.
  • Drag and Drop: Drag and drop capabilities have been expanded further to allow you to manually reorder subtasks and project groups.
  • Sounds Effects: A new notification sound has been added to Flow X. We’ve also added a new sound to actions within the app so now you’ll have audible confirmation when completing a task, liking a message, and much more!


  • Freezing issue when closing task pane resolved.
  • Collapsed subtask state now persists when navigating away.
  • Deadline styling updated for completed task for improved clarity.
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