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September 29, 2020

Changelog (September 28, 2020)

This week we took big steps to get everyone integrated into the Flow X experience and continued to make improvements based on feedback from you. This included a few bug fixes as well as recent feature requests. Visit our roadmap to see what we have planned for the future and submit new requests!


  • Chat: To give users that weren’t enrolled in beta a look at our new Chat feature we’ve enabled chat for all organizations. Account Admins can check out our help centre article for details on how to enable and disable Chat.
  • iOS App: We’ve released Flow X in our iOS app! If you didn’t have a chance to test it out in beta you can now download it right from the Apple App Store or update your current app to get started!
  • Sound Effects: We’ve added the option to silence user interface sounds within the app. This way you can control interaction sounds caused by liking comments or completing a task separately from notification sounds.


  • Updated repeating task behaviour to apply changes to future copies of the task
  • Corrected keyboard shortcut module to reflect up to date labelling
  • Released a fix for the bug causing an error with exporting
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