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May 15, 2020

An update on the Flow X Beta.

It’s been almost two months since we opened the Flow X Beta and we wanted to give you an update on all the changes happening there.

This is just a snapshot of what’s new in Flow X, but you’ll soon be able to try them firsthand when we open the beta to all users ahead of the public launch. We can’t wait for you to have a look and let us know what you think!

  • Task Priority: Users on Plus or Pro plans can now add a priority level to tasks to show how important they are. Priority is reflected in the Tasks tab, where you can sort by priority, as well as in the task pane. 
  • Task notes: Task notes will now display when the last edit was made and the name of the person who edited it last. This will let you know who’s making changes to the task note and when the information in the task note was last updated.
  • Due Times: We’ve added the option to include a due time for users on Plus or Pro plans. This is another level of detail you can include in your tasks on top of a due date to give your team a better idea of what work to work on first. 
  • Home: We’ve introduced a new version of the Catch Up view called Home, where you can get a quick snapshot of tasks due today in the new My Tasks section at the top. We’ve also reframed updates on the tasks you’re subscribed to as My Updates, with a slightly refreshed look.
  • Status: You can now easily communicate your status to teammates by setting yourself to Active, Focused, or Away in the main menu or by clicking your avatar in the Home tab. Your status can also include a note – along with an emoji – to let your team know exactly what you're up to and can be set to expire at a specific time. For ease of use, you can simply hover over a teammate’s avatar or name to see their status and any note they’ve added throughout Flow — including in comments, on tasks, and messages in chat.
  • iOS: Updates have also been made to the iOS app as part of the beta. These updates include merging our task and chat apps into a single app, improved support for task creation, the option to view due times and task priority, as well as a new look to match the Flow X UI more closely. This is just the beginning for iOS updates in beta! We’re so excited for you to see how far we’ve come and we’ll be updating you soon with information on joining the iOS beta program.
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