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August 05, 2020

Changelog (Version 0.9.87)

This week we took a lot of your feedback and focused on the file preview in order to improve navigation and image previewing in this view. We also added a new badge to Chat and resolved a couple of bugs brought to our attention by you. As always, we love hearing from you so don’t hesitate to drop by our Feedback Board to make a suggestion or check on the status of a feature.


  • Privacy: You can now edit the privacy settings of a project right from the Project Details pane. This will also make it easier to be able to tell the privacy settings of a project right from the Project Details pane.
  • File Preview: We’ve added forward and backward navigation to the file preview so that you can switch between attached files without ever leaving the preview. We’ve also added a “...” menu to the file preview which will allow you to open the file in a new window and download the file being viewed.
  • Image Preview: We’re now restricting images in preview to be actual size or smaller to show images in their true resolution, making it easier for you to review shared graphics and provide accurate feedback to your team.
  • Badges: A new badge has been added to the chat sidebar to show you when there are unread messages in a chat channel but you haven’t been @mentioned. This new dot will match the colour you’ve chosen in your preferences and help you prioritize which messages need attention first.


  • Issue where ESC key caused selections in the sidebar to clear when the picker was open has now been resolved.
  • Browser and Desktop notifications bug has been resolved to behave as intended
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