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August 25, 2020

Changelog (Version 0.9.90)

Task lists were the major update this week. On top of a new, more contained look, we added tags to the Show menu for easy access and we also improved visual hierarchy between subtasks and parent tasks. Most of this update was prompted by feedback from beta users and we so appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts so if you ever have a suggestion drop by our Feature Request board and let us know!


  • List View: This week we’ve introduced an all-new style for task lists through the app. Tasks are now individually contained with subtasks nested under their parent task in views that either already support manual drag-and-drop reordering, like projects, or will support this in the near future.
  • Projects: In addition to the refresh of task lists within projects, we've also introduced new project headers that make it easier to trigger the project details pane, share projects with teammates, and navigate between the kanban board, task list, and calendar views. This new project header also includes a new filtering system making it easier to filter by either assignee or tag. 
  • Tags: We've added a new toggle in the Show menu in the Tasks tab to display tag names, making it easier to view tags when you’re looking for more detail and hide them when you want a more streamlined view.


  • Improved the appearance of calendars throughout the app and removed the whitespace added to the top of all calendar views.
  • Simplified the style of the Sort menu throughout the app for a more compact and easily navigable view.
  • Upgraded the icons that we're using for most of our in-app notifications so that they're now cleaner and more consistent.
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