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August 18, 2020

Changelog (Version 0.9.89)

We focused on adding details and clarification this week. From the new details panes in Chat to the information provided in the new rich previews, we’ve added several opportunities across the app to maximize key information provided at a glance.


  • Chat: Details panes have been added to chat channels as well as group DMs to provide an overview of information about the chat you’re viewing. You can access the new details panes from the now enabled “Details” button in the Chat header.
  • Project Sharing: We’ve implemented the option to share a project from the “...” menu on the project cards in the Team Projects Dashboard. This new share form will give you the option to share a project with new users via email and choose their role within the organization or simply copy a shareable link once that option has been enabled in your Organization Settings.
  • Invite and Share: The new invite and share forms are more intuitive, informative, and expansive with an improved UI, more data available, and more sharing options surfaced in a single form.
  • Rich Previews: We’ve introduced new and improved previews for uploaded attachments and external links in Chat and task comments. These rich previews will include the page title, description, and an image preview of the shared item, providing important details at a glance. These previews will also unify chat and comment attachments under a more orderly display.
  • Text: Icons: New icons have been released in Flow X to accompany attachments with no image so that there is still an indication of the file type.


  • Tags view in search results has been formatted for optimal readability.
  • +task button in the top right corner has been updated with better contrast and a clearer dropdown menu.
  • Rich Text has been updated in Chat, notes, and comments to improve clarity and readability throughout Flow X.
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