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November 10, 2020

Changelog (November 9, 2020)

This week we tackled several UI bugs in order to improve task interaction and creation. There was also a new feature to chat in the form of self DMs! We also wanted to remind you that as of November 18th we’re removing the task@getflow.com functionality in order to enforce a more secure creation method. For more information on how this works and how to enable it for your team check out our help article here.


  • Chat: We’ve added self DMs to the Chat sidebar. This way when you need to make a note to yourself or you want to save something to reference later you can DM yourself to save the information. Self DMs are being created for existing users over the next 24 hours so keep an eye out for it in your sidebar!


  • Corrected behaviour for links in task notes
  • Bug causing extra word in emailed tasks has been fixed.
  • Keyboard interaction in dropdowns in task windows has been improved
  • Updated adding workgroups as followers to improve UI
  • UI for browsing existing channels and creating new channels has been simplified with the addition of a new modal.
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