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November 03, 2020

Changelog (November 2, 2020)

This week, we reinstated persistent badging in the navigation bar to make it easier to stay on top of new task and chat activity. We also added new task features, including the ability to convert a task to a subtask and filter by team in the Tasks view. Finally, we announced a change to email task creation that will remove the tasks@getflow.com functionality and enforce a more secure creation method as of Nov. 18th. You can learn more about how it works and how to enable it for your team here.


  • Persistent badging in navigation bar: You will now see a badge count in place of the Home and Chat icons in the navigation bar when there is new task activity or an unread message to view. Reading the message or marking the activity as read will clear the badge.
  • Convert tasks to subtasks: We’ve added a new item to the ••• task menu that converts a task to a subtask. Clicking "Convert to subtask" in the dropdown will allow you to search for and choose the task you want to add your new subtask to.
  • Team filtering in Tasks - We also updated the Filter in the Tasks view so you can now filter your tasks or those assigned to your teammates by the Team they were created in.


  • Removed inactive shortcuts from the keyboard shortcuts menu (accessible with the ? key)
  • Updated the Bookmark and Follow shortcuts to be more intuitive
  • Audited legacy code to improve app load times
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