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June 03, 2020

A roundup of what's new in the Flow X Beta.

With the public release of Flow X in beta coming up — stay tuned for more on this — we wanted to share the progress we’ve made since we last updated you on all the great things we’re working on! We’re so excited to share Flow X with you when it’s released publicly in beta and can’t wait to hear your feedback.

  • Chat: A new version of what was previous called "Flow Chat" has been released in beta with Flow X and we've made it available to all organizations — regardless of your subscription tier. We’re hoping this gives you a more immersive experience in Flow by allowing you to communicate more effectively with your teammates. In Flow chat you can create group channels to discuss specific topics or projects as well as direct messages between teammates. 
  • Team Project Dashboard: We’ve updated the Team Project Dashboard to adopt the Flow X aesthetic in preparation for future feature releases in this view.
  • Drag & Drop: In the Home tab you can now drag and drop tasks to make quick work of rearranging your day’s work. We’ve also added the option to drag and drop a file to attach it to a task comment. 
  • Sidebars: We’ve restyled sidebars throughout the app to make it easier to jump between projects and from DMs to chat channels. We also have new features planned for the sidebar in the calendar tab so keep an eye out for those as they’re released! 
  • Project Sections: We’ve added project sections to the breadcrumb path at the top of the task pane to better show where an individual task exists within a team. We’ve also added project sections to task comments to give a clearer understanding of when a task is moved from one section to the other.
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